Music @ Christ Church

At Christ Church, music is not an end in itself, but an integral part of the way we encourage and teach one another when we meet on a Sunday.

There are many opportunities for those at Christ Church to get involved with the music ministry. For both instrumentalists and singers there is a niche for you!

The main music groups lead the singing at the two morning services. Members meet once a month for rehearsal on a weekday evening and then practice before the service each Sunday. This is a friendly group of enthusiasts who enjoy trying out new songs as well as singing the old favourites. We have a whole range of instruments including guitars, piano, trumpet saxophone, cello and flute – whatever you play, you would be most welcome to join us!

If you would prefer to be involved on a less frequent basis, you would be very welcome to help with the music for the evening service. For this service, we have a rota of keyboard players who sometimes play alone and at others are joined by a variety of different instruments. There is also the chance to get involved with certain one-off services such as the Christmas Carol service. If you are interested in helping to lead the services in this way, please contact Sarah Boase.