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Category: Exploring Christianity

Exploring Christianity

Hope Explored

07/01/2022, Author: adminccl

This is a chance to look at why following Jesus makes all the difference to life now and in the future. We’re running this course for 3 weeks starting on 20th January 2022. Please use the Contact us page to enquire about joining this course. View the introductory trailer here

Exploring Christianity

Exploring Christianity

06/05/2019, Author: Matt Hanner

An informal course investigating the Christian faith and the claims of Jesus Christ. Beginning Sunday 12 January. Starts at 10.30am for roughly 60 minutes. Childcare provided. At Christ Church Leyton, Francis Road. For further details contact [email protected]

Exploring Christianity

Fake News

24/09/2018, Author: Matt Hanner

Three talks exploring whether Jesus is fake news Christians make big questions about Jesus. In fact Jesus made huge claims about himself. Do these claims stand up to scrutiny? Or is Jesus just another load of fake news? We’d love you to join us for three talks this Autumn: Won’t Jesus let me down? | […]

Exploring Christianity

God’s Big Picture

15/08/2018, Author: Matt Hanner

Join us for a 6 week course exploring the greatest story ever written. Where: Christ Church Leyton When: 5pm on Sundays, starting 23rd September

Exploring Christianity

Tales Of The Unexpected

02/01/2018, Author: Matt Hanner

Who was Jesus? Why did he come? What does it mean to follow him? Tales of the Unexpected is an informal four week course that gives you time and space to consider the big questions of life and to explore the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith – Jesus Christ. […]